Monday, 30 April 2012

End April Links

New Classical, New Keynesian, and Real Business Cycle Models
Demand or productivity? Do I agree with this? I think there is a supply problem due to lack of growth in energy inputs; but I don't think I agree with "the policy remedies are less likely to involve fiscal expansion" - am I being inconsistent?
From gold standard to CPI standard
A puzzler on statistical risk and fundamental uncertainty
Because the stakes are so small
Exponential economist meets finite physicist
Going it alone is the way forward
Depression is a choice & Two quick responses
Mo money, mo problems - I argued for negative interest rates 6 years ago though (though not very well (I was just wee) and in relation to conserving renewable environmental assets rather than fighting recessions) 
DSGE vs weather forecasting & Roger Farmer Response & Only ever equilibrium . See also Equilibrium Analysis & On Equilibrium, Disequilibrium and Rationa Expectations.
Plutocrats & Printing Presses
Neither real, nor business, nor cycles

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