Sunday, 19 August 2012

Songs in econ blogs

Economics blogs often feature the blogger's choice of music. For example Paul Krugman's aye posting Arcade Fire, Brian Ashcroft likes Julie Fowlis, and Tyler Cowan recomended King Creosote & Jon Hopkins. I'm not entirely sure why they do this: the fact that I enjoy their musings on economic policy or theory, surely doesn't provide any signal that we share musical tastes?

Therefore, in keeping with this practice, but instead of my picks being a musical recommendation, I'm posting songs with economic relevance:
  • The central message of the new economic geography literature is that density is good. I think this can be nicely summarised by "Mmm skyscraper, I love you"

  • Economic growth is usually modelled as being due to `technological progress'. And there surely cannot be a better description of the technological progress we have enjoyed over the past 2000 years than the lines: "If Jesus came to Earth today, They’d crucify him straight away, Upon a cross of `MDF', And they’d use `No Need For Nails' "

  • More seriously... Is there a harsher description of Factor Price Equalisation than "They complained in the East, They're payin' too high, They say that your ore ain't worth diggin', That it's much cheaper down, In the South American towns, Where the miners work almost for nothin'."?

This is unlikely to be a regular feature...

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