Sunday, 30 September 2012

End September Links

Arguments for ending microfoundations - this post has lots of interesting links to possible future developments in macroeconomic theory
Come on Bernanke, fire up the helicopter engines 
Post growth politics - more on the Robert Gordon slow growth paper, Chris Dillow speculating on political impacts.
The gold standard and economic growth - James Hamilton replies to Tyler Cowan
Predistribution - good, bad & unoriginal - Chris Dillow has an excellent (whether original or not) critique of Ed Milliband's latest witterings
A good point and bad point from Sumner - I think this post deals very effectively with a lot of the criticisms other (good) economists have of Paul Krugman. Basically Krugman's right - you might not always like or exactly agree with the way he's expressing it - but get over it.
The regional escalator - there're not many good Scottish independence posts (pro or anti) that go into economics, but there's a whole economic model described in this one.
Why-I am a macroeconomist: increasing returns and unemployment - Martin Weitzman is my hero
Inflation expectations: a feature not a bug - Krugman sorts out some more terrible economics reporting!
Paul Krugman asks a question: On the "Austrian" hatred of fractional reserve banking, paper money, etc. Weblogging - Essay length rant from Brad DeLong
Covert virtue - the signal that doesn't bark? - This has made me change my mind!

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