Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Mechanisms for economic gains from independence #1

#1 Animal spirits:

Quoting Andrew Wilson in conversation with Derek Bateman

Scotland changes with independence. We become more focused on getting the economy motoring so that we can create the society we want. I think as responsibility increases, the economic imperative grows.

All of the fundamentals are great for Scotland. We vote with more money, more resource, more information,and more of  a platform of existing government institutions [than the other 142 countries since WWII that have become independent]. There is no country taking this choice with more going for it. People need fear nothing. Are we up to it as individuals? Do we want to lie down and sleepwalk through life or are we willing to get out of bed and give it a go? And we know in life that if you let life happen to you then you don't succeed and you don't reach your full potential. If you just set a goal for yourself and go for it, all things are possible. It's called belief.

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  1. I think this is not a mechanism for economic gains. It seems to be a claim that Scotland has, at its disposal, the necessary materials to create a successful independent Scottish state. This is not in much dispute. The question is "Would Scotland do better as an independent state or not?". The above statement is not an argument for yes it would but just for "We shouldn't fear total disaster.". But by the title, I suppose you are referring to the optimistic spirit of the piece.