Friday, 30 March 2012

End March Links

A sketch of a model of higher education
Scotland should be proud to stand alongside Ireland and Iceland
The worst type of parochial, faux 'internationalism'
Microfoundations in macroeconomics
Do illiquidity and sticky prices go together
how high gas prices triggered the housing crisis
Why quantitative easing is the only game in town
Is solar a bigger deal than people realize?
The future is another country
Tell us about the rabbits George
Regional pay the first step to fiscal federalism
How can debt affect potential gdp
Nonergodic model of business cycle
Partial equilibrium intuitions about choice - in particular the line "It is not incoherent to argue that a country might benefit from retaining talented people, and it is not even incoherent to argue that individuals who would choose to emigrate might in fact be better off themselves if they as well as all their compatriots could be persuaded to stay and contribute to development at home."
Zoning laws and property rights
Soak the rich
A rational reason for high oil prices - in particular the line "The question is not whether there is a rational reason for high oil prices, but rather whether there is a rational reason the world is not producing 100 million b/d today."

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