Saturday, 30 June 2012

End June Links

Abolish the equity premium now! - I like this sort of whimsy...
Krugman and Stiglitz: Our most widely ignored public intellectuals
Soros on the new German empire & Remarks at the festival of economics, Trento Italy
Fair enough: A Supply Side Liberal joins the Pigou Club, Carbon taxes won't work, here's what will & Henry George and the carbon tax
The disinflation will continue until morale improves
Peak oil and price incentives - an outstandingly good post from James Hamilton.
Stagnation and recession - sums things up brilliantly.
What's wrong with economics?
Stabilizing prices is immoral
Look beyond summits for euro salvation - Martin Wolf's analysis is fantastic: "the crucial elements would seem to be: clear plans for resolution of banks largely at the expense of creditors, instead of relying on recapitalisation by fiscally stressed states – an approach that would automatically share more of the pain between creditors and debtors; a strong commitment to symmetrical economic adjustment across the eurozone, instead of today’s debtor-focused adjustment; recognition by the ECB of its obligation to sustain demand; and enough conditional financing to give governments committed to reform the ability to manage their economies without entering calamity."
Fighting over claims  - the Stiglitz quote is outstanding.


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