Wednesday, 5 February 2014

End January Links

# Interesting stats about (English I think) housing markets: 4 charts that prove you know nothing about the housing market

# Francis Coppola has Three posts on Basic Income

# Dude, where's my North Sea oil money & Was the UK government’s use of North Sea Oil a scandal?

# My interview with Michael Greenwell at Scot Independence Podcast

# Read some of the Papers prepared for the Sixth Urban Research and Knowledge Symposium

# Some more interesting material from Business for Scotland, dating from the pre-North Sea Oil period, that I should follow up on: Scotland's century of lost wealth

# The case for Land Value Tax by Noah Smith: This 100-year-old idea could end San Francisco’s class war

# On the Labour proposal to raise the additional rate of income tax back to 50p (related to the behavioural responses in my inequality paper):
   - The IFS: 50p tax – strolling across the summit of the Laffer curve?
   - Frances Coppola: Oh no, not again
   - Chris Dillow: Taxes and growth
   - Simon Wren-Lewis: Understanding ever increasing executive pay

# Absolutely brilliant post from Matthew Yglesias about forthcoming Piketty book on capital and inequality: The Return of Land Prices, featuring the following chart: we're back in the world of Henry George...

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